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Samsung UE65HU8500 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 65" Curved LED TV

PC World

With a stunning curved screen that draws you into the action, the Samsung UE65HU8500 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 65" Curved LED TV not only provides excellent entertainment, but also boasts a graceful design that will turn heads. A learning curve Featuring intelligent Smart features, future-ready technology and a curved design that will take your breath away, the HU8500 will revolutionise the way that you watch TV. Taking TV designs to a new level, this curved screen has an elegant metal frame and the Aero curved stand so it will look beautiful in your living room. Whether it's switched on or turned off, your eyes will be drawn to this large screen TV, with a design that almost makes it look like it's floating. The natural curve is optimised for the viewing distance in your living room, which means that it provides a wider field of view and more natural viewing angles, drawing you into whatever's happening on screen. Auto Depth Enhancer technology makes you feel like you're part of the action. It analyses different areas on the screen and enhances the contrast in each of the areas. The effect is an increased sense of depth and more compelling images. Ultra High Definition Offering 4k Ultra HD standards, the 65HU8500 provides the very latest in high definition entertainment. It supports the HEVC video compression standard, which makes it possible to stream UHD content over the internet. It also supports HDCP 2.2, which ensures UHD content is correctly displayed. The U8500 is compliant with HDMI 2.0, which can support Ultra HD video playback at up 60 frames per second. HDMI 2.0 cables can transfer high definition signals between your TV and set-top box or console. Superb viewing with the latest technology Enjoy the very best entertainment thanks to the four-step UHD upscaling technology. This technology converts lower resolution content such as live TV and Blu-ray discs to sharper images, so you can watch your favourite TV shows in the detail they deserve. With more detail and clarity, you won't miss a thing. It also includes Ultra HD dimming technology. UHD dimming adjusts the colour, contrast and detail for every image, providing optimised settings for every single image you see. The Precision Black backlight dimming deepens black tones and boosts whites for pure clarity and contrast. Stunning images Whether you're settling down to your favourite dramas or watching the latest action blockbuster, the UE65H-U8500 presents it at its best. The Samsung Ultra Clear Panel prevents the overlapping of images on your screen by efficiently absorbing external light, reducing the light reflected on your screen. Samsung's PurColour technology produces true-to-life colour for natural-looking scenes on your TV. Superior Smart features and twin tuners Whatever you want to watch, you'll be able to find it on the UE65HU8500 Smart Curved LED TV . It includes a full suite of catch-up TV services, including all the favourites such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player, as well as BBC Sport and BBC News to keep you up to date. View your favourite web pages and more from the comfort of your sofa, or catch up with friends and follows thanks to the Facebook and Twitter applications. There are even more apps available at the integrated app store. With both Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners built-in, you can watch a range of channels without needing to worry about paying monthly subscriptions or fees. Evolving television Samsung's Smart Evolution means that you can keep your TV up to date without needing to replace your set every few years. This unique kit can re-engineer and renew your TV so it can deal with the latest technology for performance, content and features. Now you can keep your TV at the cutting edge at the fraction of the cost of replacing your television. With an eye-catching design and packed full of the latest entertainment technology, the Samsung UE65HU8500 Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 65" Curved LED TV will change the way you watch TV.Only one offer c


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KIT TL-WPA4220KIT WiFi Powerline Adapter Kit - Twin Pack

KIT TL-WPA4220KIT WiFi Powerline Adapter Kit - Twin Pack

The 500 Mbps TP-LINK TL-WPA4220KIT WiFi Powerline Adapter Kit enables you to extend your home internet connection across your rooms using your existing electrical circuitry. Extended wireless range with one touch The TL-WPA422-0 is equipped with a Wi-Fi Clone Button which enables Super Range Extension, automatically copying the SSID and Password of your router. This helps to simplify your Wi-Fi to make way for seamless internet usage within your home network. Once you've pressed the button, simply place the powerline adapter wherever you need wired or wireless access. With wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps, easily extend your WiFi network over the existing powerline to broadcast a wireless signal for all your WiFi enabled devices throughout your home or office. A faster powerline adapter HomePlug AV standard enables the TP-LINK TLWPA-4220KIT WiFi Powerline Adapter to provide up to 500 Mbps of stable, high speed data transmission over your home's existing electrical wiring on a line length of up to 300 meters. This makes it perfect for lag-free streaming of HD or 3D video, as well as online gaming. It's a superb option to create an entire home solution for all network compatible devices from computers and game consoles to set-top boxes for IPTV, printers and NAS hard drives. Set up and go The TP-LINK TLWP-A4220-KIT Powerline Adapter boasts a hassle-free Powerline network setup procedure. Enjoy a fantastic internet connection within minutes with its plug-and-play functionality. Use the adapters' "Pair" buttons to secure or manage multiple powerline adapters across your house's powerline network. Plug one Internet-connected adapter into a nearby power outlet, then connect further adapters to PCs, laptops, smart TVs or other networked devices using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi - and you're on your way. The device also offers a Mains Filter for better Powerline communication performance. Choose the 500 Mbps TP-LINK TL-WPA4220KIT Wireless Powerline Adapter for a powerful and convenient way to expand your home internet network.

3D Active Shutter Glasses For TV ( 3D Active Glasses TV )

3D Active Shutter Glasses For TV ( 3D Active Glasses TV )

Auto-detects which brand of 3D TV in use USB Rechargeable built-in battery Auto power off function to save battery life 3 Hours of charging gives 50 hours of use Interchangeable nose pads for a perfect fit Soft carry case for easy transportation Lightweight and comfortable active shutter 3D glasses to provide a perfect vivid and dynamic 3D image experience. These 3D glasses will last up to 50 hours of viewing on one 3 hour charge due to the built in rechargeable battery. They also come with 3 different sized nose pads to ensure a comfortable fit. They also come with a cloth bag for better storage and transportation. With a simple change of frequency these glasses can be used with an LG Sony or Samsung 3D TV. Making these 3D glasses Universal.

Nintendo Wii Console Repair - Wii Repair Service

Nintendo Wii Console Repair - Wii Repair Service

Nintendo Wii Console Repair - Wii Repair Service Wii Repair Service - We do all Wii console repair for all Wii consoles we have been offering faulty wii console repairs for over 8 years and have built up a fantastic reputation. We have console repair technicians with over 10 years plus experience in video game console repairs.. If you wish to send your Wii console for repair into us for a free repair quote please follow the easy steps below. Step 1. Package up your Wii console with a note of all your contact details and also what has happened to the console. Step 2. Send your console to us via post either Recorded or Special delivery. You could also deliver in person if you wish. (See contact us) Step 3. Once your Wii console for repair has been received the technicians will have a look at it and we will contact you regarding the repair quote. Step 4. If you wish to go ahead we will repair your console. Step 5. We will call you for payment and send the repaired console back to you. Turnaround time usually 2 - 3 days You can simply contact us by phone on 0844 478 0141 or 0141 280 0149 or email if you want to ask any questions regarding any Console Repairs. Drive damage Faults : Faulty Wii Drive Repair if your console isn't ejecting wii discs or accepting them there may be games stuck in your wii drive (the most we have seen in one console is 6 games amazingly) Disk Jam Faults : Wii Disk Jam Repair if your console is not accepting ejecting discs or the disc gets jammed half way into the drive in some cases it's a matter of fixing the mechanism inside the drive or replacing the whole drive. We can carry out both repairs however we would need to have a look at the console first to make sure and remember all quotes are free. No Power or Video Output Faults : Wii No Power Repair the first thing to check is if your power supply is working and your AV cables that connect to your TV are not faulty. If your power supply is working and your AV cable is fine it's likely to be fuses on the board or more commonly bad firmware or banner brick. This can be caused through powering off the console whilst applying an update from a new game or when home brew hack has gone wrong also called a banner bomb or fully bricked wii. In some cases we can apply new firmware or one of a few other fixes failing this it can be fixed by changing the mother board. We would need to do a free quote on this first. Not Reading Discs : Wii Not Playing Games Repair if your console is unable to read games games freeze or are slow in loading then your Wii laser is likely on it's way out or faulty. We can easily replace this part for you. Full Case Shell Replacement : Wii Full Case Replacement if your console is looking a bit old the case has been cracked or broke in some way or you simply would like a new colour. We can supply and fit one of our Wii Full Replacement Shells for you. We have a good variety of colours available however if you can't find the colour you are looking for let us know and we can order you one in. All our console repairs include a full warranty. We carry out a full range on console repairs on all Nintendo consoles including DS Lite DSi Repairs DSi XL Repair and also the 3DS console . We also do repairs on all Nintendo Wii consoles Sony PSP PS3 and Xbox 360 .