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How did the 3d console gaming gain popularity?

3d games were popular since the 90s but back then, 3d games were not available in most consoles which were primitive devices which could barely support games. Then the 3d console gaming revolution started with the advent of the Playstation one or the Psx as people used to call it. Sony brought the first truly next-gen console at that time. The Playstation was the first console to truly support 3d graphics and implement games which were far better in graphics than the pc games. Before that, it was assumed that the pc will become the best hardware for gaming; a concept which was bowled out of the field by Sony’s Playstation.

Following the success of the Playstation, Sony released the Playstation 2 or the PS2 and the Playstation Portable commonly referred to as the PSP. Following this, Microsoft developed their own 3d game console and entered the market of 3d console gaming. The XBOX became the biggest competitor of the PS2 and these two consoles fought a deadlock in console supremacy which was finally topped by the Playstation 2 but just barely.

Suddenly out of the blue, Nintendo came forth with a much more graphically powerful game console which gave the others a run for their money. However, Nintendo concentrated on making games for kids and promoting their consoles with children as the target audience. Sadly, they did not make much business and it started to appear that Nintendo was losing their 3d console gaming market.

Then, when the XBOX 360 and PS3 are awaiting public release, Nintendo came up with a completely different 3d game console which completely changed the way games were meant to be played. The Wii brought with it the innovative approach of motion detection technology which allowed the gamer to control their game character by moving their body around. This technology however, did not manage to reach a large enough audience and managed to attract only a small audience. Nintendo, the earliest promoter of 3d console gaming could not stand in comparison to the XBOX and the PS2.

However, the motion  detection control scheme was not implemented by either XBOX or PS2 as the technology was patented by Nintendo so the others waited for the patent to expire after which they immediately released plug-ins which enabled similar capabilities for the other consoles as well. The Sony PS3 which is the latest version of the Playstation game console is built on a revolutionary new computing architecture which although targeted for 3d console gaming has a lot of potential in the field of supercomputing and data centers.

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