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10 Great 3D Puzzles to Buy

3D Puzzles are a big hit among toy and puzzle shops across the world. You may have been tempted to try them once or twice before, but never taken the plunge. You might also be an already established fan of the puzzle design and simply wondering what your next puzzling adventure should be.

Either way, we look forward to helping you choose between ten of the best 3D Puzzle options out there today.

[amazon box="B01HM69UVY,B07KCGLVK4,.B00CFV24TC,B07NH4Z4K6,B01L85OT9S,B01HFJC7EU,B07BC8RQ76,B00IVC1B16,B01N9JXEHF,B072N65KMG" template="table"]

3D Puzzles FAQ

If you are looking to get into 3D puzzles, you probably have a few questions to help figure out if making the switch is right for you (or your loved one). Below, we will answer some of the most common questions associated with 3D Puzzles.

1. What Are 3D Puzzles?

3D Puzzles are a fun alternative to customary puzzle flat puzzle designs. Instead of lying flat and taking up the entire table, a 3D puzzle creates a statue instead of a picture, meaning they need less table space and a more impressive result transpires.

​2. What Age Level Is The Best Suited For 3D Puzzle?

As with traditional puzzles, the age ranges vary based on the difficulty of the puzzle. There are some simple designs that are perfect for preschoolers and some which have been known to take an adult several months to complete. Regardless of your puzzling skill ability, there is sure to be a great option on the market to suit you.

​3. How Do 3D Puzzle Pieces Lock Together

​​​Again, this is something that will vary. Some stick together using magnets and others will instruct you to use double-sided tape or glue to prevent catastrophe. Of course, if you like to live on the wild side, you can always go without glue and see how steady your hand can be.

With the most pressing questions out of the way, we will move forward to some comparisons we have made between some of the best 3D Puzzles on the market.

How We Reviewed

​To choose the best 3D puzzle in this comparison, we reviewed the top ten based on a series of factors. These included price, difficulty, overall design, and customer satisfaction. To determine customer satisfaction, we looked into online reviews for clues about issues or praises concerning each design.

Overall Price Range

​3D Puzzles can range from the lower end of $10 all the way up to several hundred each. These are typically limited editions or those that have a lot of detailed pieces. Because we wanted to offer comparable puzzles at an affordable price, we kept the puzzles reviewed here between $20 and $50.

What We Reviewed

  • ​61-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 3D Pokemon Pikachu & Monster Ball
  • ​3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Ferris Wheel Puzzle 3D Jigsaw Model
  • ​Ravensburger Empire State Building
  • ​Wrebbit 3D – Game of Thrones Winterfell 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
  • ​WREBBIT 3D Diagon Alley 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
  • ​WREBBIT 3D Hogwarts Express 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
  • ​Wrebbit 3D King Arthur’s Camelot 3D Puzzle
  • ​Ravensburger Eiffel Tower – Night Edition
  • ​Ravensburger Children’s World Globe 180 Piece 3D Jigsaw Puzzle
  • ​WREBBIT 3D – Harry Potter the Burrow Weasley Family Home 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

61-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 3D Pokemon Pikachu & Monster Ball

[amazon box=”B01HM69UVY”]


This cute 3D Puzzle features every Pokemon fan’s beloved Pikachu riding a rolling monster ball. It is made of see-through “crystal” plastic pieces and has stickers included for Pikachu’s face.

Suitable for children, this puzzle has overwhelmingly positive reviews with only a little bit of concern about little hands having difficulty holding the pieces together themselves. Fortunately, the pieces do feature a locking system to help relieve this issue.

Price $$

​3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Ferris Wheel Puzzle 3D Jigsaw Model

[amazon box=”B07KCGLVK4″]


​This adorable pick from our top 10 3D Puzzles features wooden pieces in 4 different color schemes. Reviews seem to imply that children 10 and over will have the best time putting this one together because the number of pieces might be overwhelming to younger kids.

When finished, the Ferris wheel is functional and will roll on its base.

Price $

 Ravensburger Empire State Building

[amazon box=”B00CFV24TC”]


What’s better than 3D puzzles? 3D Puzzles with lights! This offering from Ravensburger is great for older kids and lights up when finished, creating an exact replica of the Empire State building at night. Lock-together technology ensures pieces stay put.

There is one concern with this model, however: pieces do seem to be brittle and thin in some parts.

Price $$

 Wrebbit 3D - Game Of Thrones Winterfell 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B07NH4Z4K6″]


This complex 3D puzzle is geared for ages 14 and up. It has 910 pieces total and, when complete, will look like the Winterfell Castle from the hit TV Show.

Wrebbit is known for making complex 3D puzzles for older teens and kids and this one is no different. Be ready for a challenge!

Price $$$

 Wrebbit 3D Diagon Alley 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B01L85OT9S”]


​With only 450 pieces, this is an easier option among the Wrebbit 3D puzzles listed but still marketed for ages 14 and up. It’s a good choice, in our opinion, for someone just getting into 3D puzzles. While challenging, it includes clear instructions and produces a beautiful result.

Reviews for this option are mostly positive with a few complaints about missing pieces (which could very well also be attributed to user error).

Price $$

 Wrebbit 3D Hogwarts Express 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B01HFJC7EU”]


The Hogwarts Express is another of Wrebbit’s Harry Potter 3D Puzzles line. This one has 460 pieces and is also marketed to older kids, but with a few more consumer complaints involved. It seems this one is far more difficult to piece together and some of the pieces have arrived misshapen from the manufacturer.

Price $$$

 Wrebbit 3D King Arthur's Camelot 3D Puzzle

[amazon box=”B07BC8RQ76″]


​If you’re looking for a challenge that produces a beautiful result, this might be the choice for you. With a little over 850 pieces, this puzzle produces a detailed replica of King Arthur’s castle that measures in at about 17″ tall. Reviews are glowing, so this seems to have been a fun choice for other puzzlers.

There is an instruction book included to help if you get stuck, so don’t be afraid to take the leap!

Price $$$

Ravensburger Eiffel Tower - Night Edition

[amazon box=”B00IVC1B16″]


​If you fall between the ages of 12 and 99, this puzzle is marketed to you! Using Ravensburger’s patented EasyClick technology, these pieces hold together without glue and come back apart for rebuilding at another time if so desired.

The finished product is a beautiful replica of the Eiffel Tower at night, complete with LED lights.

Price $$

Ravensburger Children's World Globe 180 Piece 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B01N9JXEHF”]


​If you’re shopping for a younger puzzler, this one is geared to kids ages 7-12. 180 pieces snap together to form a globe with a stand. Once finished, it will actually be a functional globe able to spin on the stand’s spindle. An educational toy becoming another educational toy is about as fun and efficient as you can get!

Price $

Wrebbit 3D - harry Potter the Burrow Weasly Family Home 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B072N65KMG”]


​This 415 piece Harry Potter offering from Wrebbit doesn’t measure up to the glowing reviews of its counterparts. While it still seems to be a worthwhile option that produces a beautiful result, there were a number of reviews complaining that the pieces snapped together too snuggly, then broke when they needed to be taken apart to correct building issues.

Like the other Wrebbit puzzles on the list, this one produces a large-scale result, so make sure you have plenty of room to work with when you get started.

Price $

The Verdict

The Wrebbit 3D King Arthur’s Camelot 3D Puzzle is our top choice for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it produces a beautiful, detailed result that is actually a gorgeous miniature of Camelot. This makes a beautiful decorative piece for any lover of literature.

While it is one of the more expensive puzzles on our top 10 list, it is relatively inexpensive in terms of 3D puzzles on a wider scale. It has an appropriate number of pieces to produce an adequate challenge but also includes instructions to assist if you get stuck in a complicated place.

3d made truck

Finally, user reviews absolutely glowed. Nearly everyone we could find who had tried this puzzle loved every minute of putting it together and loved to show off the finished product. Ending satisfaction is an absolutely vital part of puzzling and the part of the hobby that will keep you looking again and again for your next challenge.

3D Puzzles are a big hit among toy and puzzle shops across the world. You may have been tempted to try them once or twice before, but never taken the plunge. You might also be an already established fan of the puzzle design and simply wondering what your next puzzling adventure should be.

Either way, we look forward to helping you choose between ten of the best 3D Puzzle options out there today.

Featured Image via Pixabay

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