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LG 55EA980W Smart 3D 55" Curved OLED TV

PC World

The LG 55EA980W Smart 3D 55" Curved OLED TV incorporates new screen technology, fabulous Smart features and a host of high-quality entertainment options for the best in home viewing. OLED leads the way Enjoy incredibly natural contrast, enhanced viewing angles and blur-free motion with LG's proprietary 4 Colour OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology. The LG 55EA980W features a curved design that provides a stunning appearance and makes your every viewing more true to life. Surpassing many other screen technologies, OLED treats your eyes to deeper, richer colours and sharper detail reproduction for a TV experience that will explode your senses from every angle. Every colour counts With LG's 4 Colour Pixel technology, a white sub-pixel is added to the conventional three-colour red, green and blue to enhance colour range and accuracy. The OLED pixels are thus more able to recreate more realistic colours, allowing the 55EA980W Smart 3D TV to exceed conventional display capabilities. This pioneering display technology allows self-lighting pixels to switch on and off individually, providing an "Infinite" contrast ratio. Watch as deep blacks appear to melt away, giving all your content an enhanced degree of naturalness and depth. The full 3D picture Get cinema-style 3D in your own home as LG's Cinema 3D TV brings you an eye-popping world of immersive detail. Four pairs of lightweight passive 3D glasses are included with the LG 55EA980W 3D 55" OLED TV so you can share the great picture and cool 3D effects with friends and family. Helping you make the most of the 3D facility in the TV, LG's 2D to 3D conversion automatically converts programmes and films into 3D. The included glasses are battery-free, flicker-free and inexpensive, so you can expand your setup affordably. In addition to spectacular 3D and jaw-dropping picture resolution, you can now enjoy two-player split screen gaming on the full TV screen thanks to LG's Dual Play technology. Don the special F310DP glasses (sold separately) to see your own unique perspective in 2D across the whole TV screen - without being distracted by your opponent's view. This does away with the annoyance of screen sharing and eliminates any danger of cheating as you vie for the top spot in two-player games such as Forza Motorsport 4. Dual Play is compatible with most current gaming systems or even older consoles with split-screen games. Sound that really delivers Super thin and transparent speakers enable the LG 55EA980W Smart 3D 55" OLED TV to provide brilliant sound without compromising on its sleek design. Two speakers in the TV itself and two in the stand provide an incredible 40 W of clear, punchy and detailed sound that will completely immerse you in every show, film and video game you watch and play. Hear every word, feel every impact and love every note. Inspiring Smart TV The LG 55EA980W Smart 3D OLED TV features built-in WiFi so that you can access all manner of incredible Smart TV features for unrivalled entertainment every day. Access a growing world of entertainment beyond traditional broadcast such as modern and classic movies, your favourite TV series, catch-up TV and music available to stream directly on your LG Smart TV*. From KnowHowMovies and NOW TV to BBC iPlayer and Demand 5, you'll have a wealth of content waiting to be delved in to. NOW TV This television comes with the NOW TV app already installed. NOW TV offers the latest On Demand and live Sky movies and 24-hour access to six Sky Sports channels with the popular Sky Sports Day Pass. You also get access to TV shows from ten top pay channels, catch-up TV and on demand box sets. Multimedia functions on your TV This multimedia LG TV offers multiple ways to share your photos, videos or favourite songs on your TV from a compatible device. Create a network with your compatible devices, access content stored in your LG Cloud or use the set's NFC facility to connect and easily share content with friends and family. The LG 55


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Nintendo Sonic: Lost World - for 3DS

Nintendo Sonic: Lost World - for 3DS

Enjoy high speed gaming with Sega's Sonic: Lost World for Nintendo 3DS. The Deadly Six are set to destroy Sonic's world as you use his new moves and power ups to prevent disaster. Action-packed adventure Dr. Eggman has recruited six powerful and dangerous creatures known as the Deadly Six in his latest plan to destroy Sonic and rule the world. However, they rise up against him and break free, threatening the world. Now Sonic must join forces with Dr. Eggman, his arch nemesis, to bring the Deadly Six back under control. Take control of Sonic as you explore the mystical Lost Hex to take on the creatures head-to-head in battles that will use all of Sonic's skills. Super-Sonic! Travel through a brand new world at break-neck speed in Sonic: Lost World . With mind-bending courses, tunnels and structures to weave around and through, you'll guide Sonic through exhilarating levels. There's a range of new powers to use in your quest to save the world. Sonic can fly through the air and explode into enemies as he tears through the levels, and can use a range of acrobatic skills, including vaulting over obstacles and free-running up walls. He can even sky dive between the islands! Using the GamePad of your Nintendo 3DS, you can use the Colour Powers while you're playing, or if someone wants to watch TV, you can switch to the GamePad for personal gameplay. You'll also be able to charge up items and share them with other players around the world. Better with friends In the multiplayer mode you can enjoy high speed multiplayer races, so prepare for competition! With a range of levels and modes, you can show off your skills as one person plays on the TV and the other on the GamePad. Your friends can play along with you by piloting radio controlled gadgets to help Sonic in his mission. Save the world from disaster in Sega's Sonic: Lost World on the Nintendo 3DS.

3D Active Shutter Glasses For TV ( 3D Active Glasses TV )

3D Active Shutter Glasses For TV ( 3D Active Glasses TV )

Auto-detects which brand of 3D TV in use USB Rechargeable built-in battery Auto power off function to save battery life 3 Hours of charging gives 50 hours of use Interchangeable nose pads for a perfect fit Soft carry case for easy transportation Lightweight and comfortable active shutter 3D glasses to provide a perfect vivid and dynamic 3D image experience. These 3D glasses will last up to 50 hours of viewing on one 3 hour charge due to the built in rechargeable battery. They also come with 3 different sized nose pads to ensure a comfortable fit. They also come with a cloth bag for better storage and transportation. With a simple change of frequency these glasses can be used with an LG Sony or Samsung 3D TV. Making these 3D glasses Universal.



46inch 3D LED SMART TV Built-in Camera WiFi 800hz