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Picross 3D 2 Review

Picross 3D: Round 2 is the new and improved sister of the original Picross 3D puzzle game that was released in 2009. The updated version has been designed for use and play within the 3D gaming console, Nintendo DS, just like its predecessor Picross 3D. However, v, along with some new additions that add to the complexity of how some of these puzzles are solved.

This new and improved version of the game brings with it new features, details and options, as well as improving the overall gaming experience for the player. So, let’s take a closer look at Picross 3D Round 2, how it was developed and some of the new features that Round 2 brings to this brain-stretching puzzle game.


What is Picross and the Picross 3D 2?

Picross puzzles, also known as Nonograms or Griddlers, have been around for the last few decades. In simple terms, these puzzles are like SuDoKu merged with a dot-to-dot puzzle. The end result of solving number-based problems reveals a 2D image. Solving a Picross puzzle can provide a feeling of great pleasure and accomplishment, but they are not always very straightforward for a beginner. Picross puzzles are not for the faint-hearted, or should we say the faint-headed. These puzzles can be extremely complex and difficult to solve. Looking at a puzzle from the outset can be daunting and off-putting when you have no idea where to first begin. Understanding how to solve them is probably the most difficult hurdle to tackle, but once you have cracked the code and know how to approach and solve these puzzles, they can be exciting and leave you wanting more.

If you have no idea what exactly a Picross puzzle is, allow us to try and explain in simple terms. Picrosses are logic puzzles, based on a grid. The grid has numbers along the top and side which are used to solve the puzzle. As the puzzle is being solved, various cells are either colored in or left blank, to eventually reveal a picture at the end. In order to solve the puzzle, the player must decide which cells are to be colored in and which are to be left blank. While this is the basic approach to how a Picross is solved, the process itself has a number of rules. If you are interested in learning more about how to solve Picross puzzles, there is some great information online, including videos to break it down. We found this description from the Gamers’ Guild particularly easy to follow.

Picross 3D
  • Creating your own puzzles is a snap! Design your puzzle by hand or draw any picture you like and convert it automatically into a Picross puzzle.
  • Trade puzzles with friends using local wireless or Nintendo WFC or download free bonus puzzle packs.
  • Play with up to five friends in Picross-themed minigames over local wireless, or race to complete puzzles against other gamers on Nintendo WFC.

These puzzles were created in 1987 in Japan, by two different puzzlers: Tetsuya Nishio and Non Ishida. Following their creation, Picrosses began to gain in popularity and appear in puzzle magazines across Japan, eventually extending to other cities across the world, including London. In 1995, Picross puzzles made their debut on electronic games consoles, including GameBoy consoles. This electronic shift saw a further increase in the popularity of Picross, especially as a game on a handheld console. Nintendo released various Picross games within Japan and adapted the games to suit the developing technology of the consoles. 2007 saw the release of the Nintendo DS and along with it a compatible Picross game. The game evolved over the years alongside the platform and can now be played in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Picross for the Nintendo DS came with advanced features to the previous versions of the game, one being that the new version had various degrees of difficulty, allowing players to solve puzzles of different sizes. Players can start on the easy level with 5x5 grids and then work their way up to 25x20 grids. There are also features within this game to help those struggling to solve a puzzle. A notification can be given to the player if they have made a mistake in their puzzle. Picross 3D Round 2 is the new and improved version of the original Picross 3D game which was released in 2009. Developed by HAL Laboratory in Japan, the game was gradually released across the world. The original release date in Japan was on October 1st 2015, with the United States finally getting their hands on it almost a year later, in September 2016. HAL Laboratory are video game developers from Japan who have been working to create new and exciting video games since February 1980. HAL Laboratory has worked very closely with Nintendo throughout their working lifespan and Nintendo is the company who officially released the game Picross 3D Round 2, ready to be played on one of their game systems.

Picross 3D Round 2 retains a lot of similarities to its older sister, Picross 3D. The new version of the game consists of a number of different three-dimensional puzzles, but throughout the game the rules of Picross apply.

Picross 3D Round 2 or Picross 3D 2
  • Solve 3D puzzles to find hidden objects in Picross 3D: Round 2 for Nintendo 3DS family systems
  • In this game, use the numbers on the blocks to work out which ones to paint and solve the puzzles. There are over 300 puzzles to beat. Can you uncover the object in each one? This time, blocks can be painted with two colours, so there are even more elaborate objects to discover. If you tap compatible amiibo (sold separately), you can even play puzzles based on Nintendo characters
  • Puzzles can have different solutions based on the difficulty setting you choose. If you're confident in your skills, why not try puzzles on multiple difficulty settings?
  • Compatible with all consoles in the 3DS family

About the Game: Picross 3D Round 2

The latest version of Picross 3D for the Nintendo 3DS promises hours and hours of puzzle-solving fun. The newest version of the brain-testing game is divided into different “books”. Each book contains various levels, all tied into a set theme. The game starts with a tutorial to walk players through step-by-step and show the basics of game play. During this tutorial, the player begins with a rectangular block, complete with a variety of numbers within both columns and rows. The numbers displayed on the starting block are there to show how many of each particular colored block will appear in the rows and columns that form the puzzle.

An updated feature of Picross 3D Round 2 is that blocks are now color-coded. There are both blue and orange blocks to add an extra element of complexity to the puzzle. The player is provided with tools to paint blocks within a puzzle in either orange or blue. Blue blocks within a puzzle will remain in a cube shape when the row is complete and orange blocks have the ability to turn into almost any shape. Numbers in the game look different to signify different things. For example, if the block contains numbers with circles or squares around them, these numbers are part of separate groups. If numbers are solid it means they will appear consecutively within a specific column or row and that they will form painted blocks.

Picross 3D Round 2 Gameplay

There are a multitude of rules that come with playing Picross 3D Round 2; however, the basic concept is simple. The player must use the numbers on various rows to decide which blocks need to be eliminated. The blocks that stay will eventually reveal a hidden object or 3D image. The added element of solving these Picross puzzles in 3D adds a new and exciting twist on these brain-teasers, which can be intimidating and confusing to start with. Even with the added support of a tutorial to begin with, it can still take some time to learn the rules and figure out how to solve these complex puzzles. As this game comes with an extensive selection of puzzles all with varying difficulty, there is plenty for the player to get to grips with and to help get their head around how these puzzles work.

Once you feel comfortable with solving Picrosses, there are a number of features that can enhance the game experience for you. For example, each puzzle is timed and logs your mistakes, which is useful for those players looking to improve their solving time and the accuracy with which they complete each puzzle. The availability of three different levelled modes allows players to select the difficulty of the puzzles they are trying to complete. Players have the choice of easy, medium and hard levels within the game, which allows for more control and enjoyment. The ability to control how much you are challenged within a puzzle will no doubt decrease frustration if you are finding things too tricky on higher levels.

Picross 3D round 2 gameplay 2

The graphics of the game are very pleasing to the eye, and as each part of the puzzle is solved, keep you guessing as to what the final result will be. The solved puzzles reveal a variety of different images, from charming wooden toys to vegetables and sea creatures. The quality of the graphics adds to the satisfaction of completing a puzzle, as the images are often surprising. Other features that make Picross 3D Round 2 a joy to play include a number of different music options to choose from. Players can select a soundtrack of their choice to listen to while solving a puzzle or leave it random if they wish. Whether it's something relaxing and chilled that will help you solve the puzzle, or some motivational marching band music, there is an option everyone will enjoy. There is also the option, of course, to have no sound at all if you prefer to solve in silence.

One of the downsides of Picross 3D Round 2, compared to Picross 3D, is the loss of the ability to create your own puzzles. In previous versions of the game, the player was given a platform to make their own puzzles, but they have withdrawn this option in Picross 3D Round 2. So, once you have solved all the puzzles in the game, you will have to move on to something else. Unless, of course, you are happy to replay the puzzles you already completed first time around. Picross 3D Round 2 allows you to repeat the puzzles in the game as many times as you like.

What We Think of Picross 3D Round 2

Picross 3D Round 2

If you are looking for something to relax you, yet challenge you at the same time, Picross 3D Round 2 is a great option. For the puzzle-solver in you, there is a great selection of different puzzles to keep you busy for hours. The updated approach to a classic puzzle really adds an exciting complexity to solving Picrosses. The game can be daunting and a little confusing to begin with. However, if you persevere and learn how to crack the code and solve these mind-bending puzzles, there is great satisfaction in the final result. There are plenty of options within the game to give you pointers and support as well, which is a bonus.

With such a variety in the size and difficulty of the puzzles, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory have provided another brilliant, problem-solving puzzle game. The different themes within the game also take the player on a journey, keeping the puzzles exciting and intriguing from start to finish.

Final Thoughts on Picross 3D Round 2

Picross 3D Round 2 has been extremely well received by critics and has even been declared by some as “the best puzzle game in the last 30 years.” Picross 3D Round 2 was given an aggregate score of 84.15% by Game Rankings. So, if you are into solving puzzles, this game really is an essential. However, it is only available on the Nintendo 3DS, which is limiting if you do not have the console. This complex and challenging puzzle game promises many hours of puzzle-solving fun and excitement. That is, of course, when you have finally got your head around how to solve these sometimes daunting and complicated puzzles.

Our advice is to give it a whirl, start easy and in no time you’ll be tackling the bigger and more complex puzzles. With plenty of levels to choose from and a variety of different themes within the game, there is something here to please everyone. However, if you were looking to have a go at making your own puzzles too, this is not the version of Picross for you. Picross 3D Round 2 does not allow users to create their own picross puzzles as the original Picross 3D did.

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