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Max Payne 3: Is it this year’s Best 3D Console game


The best 3d console game of this year is undoubtedly the Max Payne 3 which is the latest sequel to the highly popular Max Payne series. The story takes place eight years after the story of Max Payne 2 and takes place away from the usual dark, trash covered alleys of New York City to the sunny city of Sao Paolo in Brazil. The story rolls off with Max being employed as a private security guard for a wealthy family in Sao Paolo.

This game has got a very solid review from reviewers as the best 3d console game of the year. This is because the Max Payne 3 game offers more of what the fans of the genre remembers and delivers more new features than previously anticipated. The game now features interactive cut scenes as well as much more improved graphics. This enhances the playing experience as well as visual experience of the game. Developed by Rockstar Games, this game is expected to be the highest rated game of the year once it comes out and hits the consoles of the fans of the series.

The Max Payne 3 has the potential to not only be the best 3d console game but also the best game on the pc for the year as the developers are releasing this game for the ps3, xbox360 as well as the pc. Although the pc release is due for a later date, the game should be out for both consoles by the same time. This game is going to be a third person shooter game like its predecessors and will be much more action packed than any of its predecessors. The bullet time slow motion effects are spiced up with the new graphics technologies available in the modern consoles and are a lot more eye catching than people last remembered it to be. Max himself has gone through some changes as it is reflected in his appearance with the major change showing the man more aged than the last time he made an appearance in the game. This change was necessary in order to keep up with the story plot and maintain consistency within the timeline of the story.

This game has all the potential of being one more of Rockstar’s uniquely crazy games which often take the charts by storm by overthrowing the competition for the title of best 3d console game.

What is the Best 3D Console Games of 2012?


If you are wondering about whether it is way too early to sum up the best games for gaming consoles, than you are wrong. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the 3D console games 2012 that will surely make your day more entertaining and challenging. These exciting games will not only create a hole in your pocket but will definitely fill up most if not all of your waking hours for the year of 2012. These games are the most anticipated games for x-box 360 and PS3 console. However, remember this that the games that we are going to talk about in the 3D console games 2012 and we are not going to bother about the rank but will talk about the overall games.

First of all, the highly anticipated game for Play Station is Twisted Metal. It is a highly anticipated reboot of the ever popular franchise that has car combat. Those who were disappointed for the fact that the game did not get released on 2011 will be happy and excited this year. It will have new weapons, new characters and of course new vehicle. We cannot wait for its explosive and highly anticipated come back.  Another one of the highly anticipated games for PS3 is the Final Fantasy XIII-2. Those who felt hat its predecessor had some of the things wrong will definitely enjoy this game as this game is set to right all the wrong things.  This game has been set 5 years after the events that took place in Final Fantasy XIII. Square is back with their superb graphics and better and developed RPG and this is going to blow your mind away.  Hitman: Absolution for PS3 should definitely make the list for 3D console games 2012.  Like its predecessor, it is going to create a milestone in the improvement of stealth type games.  You will enjoy improved weapons, the fun in being able to utilize more of those awesome weapons, better graphics, realistic visualization and what not.

Far Cry 3 is one of the most anticipated games for X-Box 360 gamers. We were glad to hear t hat Ubisoft made the announcement in E3 that we are going to get our hands on the next Far Cry game. We are going to have a wildly anticipated reboot for X-Box 360 this year in the name of Lara Croft. We will see Lara go into a tropical island. The best part about this game is that it is a prequel game and you will be able to enjoy a slightly inexperienced Lara start off as a scavenger. Other notable 3D console games 2012 include Halo 4, Mine Craft, Tekken 3D, Mass Effect 3, Syndicate, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Xcom, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D and lots more so stay tuned.

Learn Helpful Duke Nukem 3D Control Commands


Duke Nukem  3D has been one of the most popular games of all time. This game is highly entertaining and well, the control commands that have been mentioned below will help to make your play even better.

Here is some of the Duke Nukem 3D Control Commands that will help you throughout the game. In order to enable or disable interpolation of angle, type ‘cl_angleinterpolation’. For diabling or enabling weapon’s auto aim, type ‘cl_autoaim’. For enabling or disabling auto voting, type ‘cl_autovote’. For being able to send messages to all the players automatically, type ‘cl_automsg’. Type the same for disabling the option. In order to d isable or enable your player to switch weapon, type ‘cl_weaponswitch’ and type ‘cl_weaponsway’ for enabling or diabling your character’s weapon swaying.  When aiming at your opponents, you can also enable or disable your name from being displayed. For that you need to type ‘cl_idplayers’. The demo playbacks are often irritating and can harm your concentration as it obstructs the flow of game. Therefore, if you want the demo playbacks to be stopped in order to concentrate more on the game, type ‘cl_democams’. If you feel that you need help from the demo playbacks then to enable the playbacks again, you need to type ‘cl_democams’.

Some other helpful Duke Nukem 3D Control Commands are given below. If you want to alternate your character’s mini hud, type ‘hud_althud’. If you want to enable or diable the shadows of alternative hud, type ‘hud_shadows’. If you want to see the length of time of multiplayer chat messages, just type ‘hud_messagetime’. Typing ‘hud_flashing’ will help you to stop or to flash glowing texts. You even have the option to enable and disable map name display during the loading time. For that, just type ‘hud_showmapname’ and it will be done. You can also set the size of the message chats while playing it with your onlione friends. Just type ‘hud_textscale’ and you will be able to set the text size. Want to get rid of the widescreen mode of the game or to get the wide screen view? For getting this feature, just type ‘r_anamorphic’. Typing ‘r_precache’ will help you to disable or enable the routine of pre level caching. Want to learn about the frame rate of the game? You can type ‘r_showfps’ and see the frame rate counter easily for your convenience. Hope that this Duke Nukem 3D Control Commands will help you to enjoy your game in a better way.

Watching movies and videos through the Blu – ray discs has become a common trend because it gives you the ultimate experience of the high definition 3D technology. You can get the experience in a better way like the theatre by watching them through our new blu ray 3d home cinema systems. With crystal clear audio clarity and powerful high definition 3D resolution, you can now watch your favorite movies, play games, do online social networking, install applications, connect with smart phones, iPad, iPhone and iPad, do online radio streaming, on air channel and cable connectivity etc through our ultimate blu ray 3d home cinema systems.

Our multipurpose and versatile blu ray 3d home cinema systems includes all the latest features of the HDD playback capabilities, built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, external and internal outputs, enhanced speaker unit, device connectivity, 3D sound plus and so on. It is obviously compatible with the latest 3D blu – ray discs, DVD discs, 3D TV channels, social networking sites and 3D PlayStations etc. All these enhanced features will take you to the fully immersive cinematic experience while you are embarking upon your comfortable couch feeling like you are in the theatres! For the exclusive entertainment for your home, the blu ray 3d home cinema systems is specialized to run not only Blu – ray contents but also other newest 3D contents.

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Being the best on its own with the 3d Blu – ray home cinema, the blu ray 3d home cinema systems is perfectly elegant to fit in your living room. You can now install your favorite applications, browse the web, stream online channels and radio and watch the ultimate Blu – ray movies and videos all with our blu ray 3d home cinema systems. Being one of the top rated 3d home cinema system in the market, our blu ray 3d home cinema systems is the theater of many people’s dreams.

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Available in the sleek and stylish aluminum and platinum designs, the 3d home cinema wireless is bound to increase the elegance of your home. With DLNA certification, wireless wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity, wireless subwoofer and connectivity through other devices, the 3d home cinema wireless system is something you could look for. For the purchasing of our product, you can now visit our store or the online website to get a detailed description of our widest collection of the 3d home cinema wireless systems. Moreover, affordable within your reach, we offer you the exciting prices along with saving on shipping. Once you order your own 3d home cinema wireless system, we deliver it right at your destination within the working days.

The 3D movies with surrounding sounds, on air channels and cables, radio connectivity, online gaming, social networking and application installing all can now be done with out 3d home cinema wireless system which has versatile features. You can now easily connect compatible devices to store and search your favorite movies, music, games, sports and videos. The wireless technology will make it easier for you to install and connect to new applications and channels.

With the handy remote, supplied dock and the widget control, you can now optimize your audio and video adjustments when you are watching your favorite movies, music and games in the 3D technology. The wireless technology enables you to connect directly through Bluetooth, wi-fi and other wireless devices to install and enjoy the enhanced features of the 3d home cinema wireless system. The sleek and stylish design also brings elegance to your living room, leaving it with the appeal with the ultimate high definition home theater system with stylish appearance. Viewing 1080p 3D resolution in the wireless technology can be a different experience!

The high definition 3d home cinema system is something everyone looks for now days to purchase for their home. It not only increases the elegance of your living room, but also brings you the 3D experience right at your home. Whether you are playing 3D players, DVDs or Blu – ray discs, they will all be executed in the perfect 3D resolution in our 3d home cinema system. Our 3d home cinema system comes up with the advanced technological features along with the external and internal connectivity, Bluetooth technology, ratio contrast, true and realistic color, Dolby digital surrounding sound system, iPad, iPhone and iPod connectivity, full HD upscaling, audio decoders and subwoofers, built in wi-fi and so on.

If you have decided to buy the 3d home cinema system, then you can visit our store or online website to get a lost of the widest collections of our latest and newest 3d home cinema systems along with detailed descriptions so that you can choose your preferred home cinema system from among them. To refine your search, you can look for particular models, prices and colors if you have a particular choice beforehand. Most of the brands will offer your high definition home theatre system, but very few will actually contain the features of social networking, application installations, Ethernet connection, live online gaming, radio streaming etc.

The greater value price makes our 3d home cinema system more affordable for you since we emphasize on customer satisfaction and feedback. Once you have purchased our product, you will receive a years’ warranty and our customer services for lifetime. You can even take the help of our professionals to install the 3d home cinema system at your home who will be ready to help you set your device at your living room or bedroom.

Being compatible with Blu – ray, DVDs and other high resolution video displays, the 3d home cinema system is something you can rely on. The 3D technology is obviously smooth with a high quality surrounding sound system that includes all the smart features of the home cinema system. We promise to bring you the best eye popping 3D resolution that could astonish you with its enhanced surrounding sound system through our 3d home cinema system that will provide you with a great cinematic experience. Highly rated by our customers, it is now one of the most reliable 3d home cinema systems in the market.

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Our 3d home cinema projector is capable of running and displaying theatre quality videos with native contrast ratio, accurate images, stunning resolution and appropriate color contrast that all comes under the same package. Affordable within your reach, the 3d home cinema projector is now available in various designs and colors in our stores. You can also visit our online store to receive discounts on purchase at special occasions. Moreover, you will also have the benefit of viewing all of our widest collections in there with detailed descriptions and choose form among them your preferred product.
You will never find a large screen and critical home theatre performance with any other projectors that are provided and built in within our digital 3d home cinema projector. With the wide range of inputs and enhanced connectivity features, this 3d home cinema projector can now bring the experience of the 3D big screen right at your home. Our projectors have the most enhanced features that include cinematic details and smooth and fast paced video and audio features to provide you with the experience with the technology of the big movie theatres.

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3d games were popular since the 90s but back then, 3d games were not available in most consoles which were primitive devices which could barely support games. Then the 3d console gaming revolution started with the advent of the Playstation one or the Psx as people used to call it. Sony brought the first truly next-gen console at that time. The Playstation was the first console to truly support 3d graphics and implement games which were far better in graphics than the pc games. Before that, it was assumed that the pc will become the best hardware for gaming; a concept which was bowled out of the field by Sony’s Playstation.

Following the success of the Playstation, Sony released the Playstation 2 or the PS2 and the Playstation Portable commonly referred to as the PSP. Following this, Microsoft developed their own 3d game console and entered the market of 3d console gaming. The XBOX became the biggest competitor of the PS2 and these two consoles fought a deadlock in console supremacy which was finally topped by the Playstation 2 but just barely.

Suddenly out of the blue, Nintendo came forth with a much more graphically powerful game console which gave the others a run for their money. However, Nintendo concentrated on making games for kids and promoting their consoles with children as the target audience. Sadly, they did not make much business and it started to appear that Nintendo was losing their 3d console gaming market.

Then, when the XBOX 360 and PS3 are awaiting public release, Nintendo came up with a completely different 3d game console which completely changed the way games were meant to be played. The Wii brought with it the innovative approach of motion detection technology which allowed the gamer to control their game character by moving their body around. This technology however, did not manage to reach a large enough audience and managed to attract only a small audience. Nintendo, the earliest promoter of 3d console gaming could not stand in comparison to the XBOX and the PS2.

However, the motion  detection control scheme was not implemented by either XBOX or PS2 as the technology was patented by Nintendo so the others waited for the patent to expire after which they immediately released plug-ins which enabled similar capabilities for the other consoles as well. The Sony PS3 which is the latest version of the Playstation game console is built on a revolutionary new computing architecture which although targeted for 3d console gaming has a lot of potential in the field of supercomputing and data centers.

Now days, if you are looking forward to experience high quality movies at your home, then the lg 3d home cinema system is the best media that you could purchase for fulfilling your dreams. The lg 3d home cinema system comes with all the latest features and technology with enhanced electronic elements. The lg 3d home cinema system has the capacity to give you the experience of the theatre from at your home by providing enhanced sound system and crystal clear blu – ray video quality. You can purchase the product from our online website where we provide detailed description of the features along with the choices of selecting the product in your favorite colors. The stylish black and aluminum lg 3d home cinema system can give your home the outlook of the perfect home theatre.

Appropriate for the large room with front and rear speaker and Dolby digital sound system, the lg 3d home cinema system can give you the benefit of high definition view right at you home. You can play both the DVDs and the blu – ray discs with enhanced video quality and surrounding sound system of 1100w output. Other features of this system includes the lg netcast, wi-fi, radio tuner, CIFS, network firmware update, DLNA, Ethernet, recording and sound gallery etc.

You can start collecting and watching your favorite music, video and playing games at the high definition audio and video quality through this spectacular lg 3d home cinema system. The premium designed lg 3d home cinema system comes in both sleek platinum and aluminum design with stylish sub woofer and slot in type disc tray that produces the ultimate high definition experience. This smart technology makes the experience of 3D more readily accessible directly at your home. Besides, you can use the LG application store and the premium VoD service to get all your favorite movies, games, music and applications via internet.

In addition, you also watch videos from the web, chat with your friends in the social networking sites and watch and download your favorite files from the internet through the lg 3d home cinema system. Through the ports, USB memory stick or the external HDD, you can now even share the experience of your 3d home cinema with others. You can even connect to your iPod, iPad, iPhone and smart phones and use them as remotes to your lg 3d home cinema system and also use applications via them.